• puppy trims all puppy's should be introduced slowly to the grooming process so it's not too scary when there older , they must have had all there puppy vaccinations, new things for a puppy take time to get used to which is why we recommend bringing them in for little baths and trims ,helping to keep them clean and prevents there coat matting.

• wash and blow dry includes shampoo and conditioner to suit your dogs coat type , brush out and dry.

• deep clean antibacterial wash and blow if your ever unlucky enough to experience your dog rolling in fox or badger poo then you will know how necessary this is our antibacterial shampoo removes it and takes that nasty smell away aswell as any germs.

• nail clipping we offer this as a individual service but it is included in all puppy trims and full grooms.

full groom includes shampoo, condition, blow dry ,earcleaning, full restyle and cut , nail clipping and finishing spray.

• home visits we offer a 15 minute home visit, what ever your needs may be weather it's for feeds, to let out to toilet or even if your pet may benefit from 15 minutes of cuddles or play.

dog walking we will collect and bring back your dog /dogs and offer group walks or individual walks , water and poo bags are included.

Here at signature head quarters our number 1 priority is the dogs health and wellbeing , every dog will first have a consultation so that we can provide the best service gor you and your dog , we style the cut that's best for them and that will be most comfortable we cut to groom standard , but also on owners preference unless that means its unsuitable for that breed we will always advice first what we think is best and discuss first before deciding with you.

Now and again pets pick up nasties like fleas and worms and we ask that you keep on top of all treatment to protect them.

Email - signaturegrooming1@gmail.com

Tel - 01744 808350

Address - signature grooming

11 Ashons green drive, St.helens, Merseyside, wa92ap